Art consulting

The Photofactory is more than 15 years of know-how and collaborations with known names in decoration. Whether they are residential projects, hotels, restaurants or businesses, we can offer you a service adapted
to your project and your budget.

Artworks, the final touch given to a project is so important, that the upmost attention is necessary. That is why we put our expertise at your service, by offering you a personalized assistance.


Each project is unique, and like a composer, our team accompanies you from the definition of an artistic line to the in situ installation.

Lisa Féra

Art Consultant

Nathalie Féra

Interior Designer
Art Consultant

Entrust us with the final touch towards to your project!

Photographs, paintings, objects, sculpture editions or custom made!

We will find the ideal oeuvres and objects.

Our method :

Project awareness

The proposal of an artistic line with mood boards and an established budget.

The idea is to tell a story.

Once the budget has been validated, a selection of oeuvres,

Set-up situations, colored elevations, client approval of all proposals.

In the case of custom-made creations, we collaborate with artists to create samples and prototypes before production.

Implementation file,


Project supervision up to final installation


Iconographic research

Collaborations with painters and photographers

Collaboration with artists to create custom-made oeuvres
(samples and prototypes before production)


Vases, sculptures, boxes, books are the final touch to your interior design.

Whether it is a custom oeuvre or published, we will find the decorative elements to sublimate your interior.

In the case of collaborations with artists, we provide samples before production.


A laboratory of prints all media

Our in-house team work on all photographic prints or reproductions of canvases and other projects working with Hannemühle photo paper, art paper, canvas and various other media.

Depending on your prints, we can offer you a wide choice of art papers.


A custom made framing workshop

Our team of framers pay particular importance to the manufacture and framing of oeuvres in accordance with your request.

We also have an on-site installation service.